Unbiased Answers, Referrals and Support with a Human Touch

Too many of us have been touched by the pain, anger and anxiety of a messy divorce.  Smart people doing senseless things.  Misguided, emotional or uninformed decisions that destroy families and cost money.  The thought of divorce comes to mind and all anyone can think of is getting an attorney to “fight it out”.

Our hope is that you save your marriage, but we understand it’s not always possible.  However, no matter what path you take, we are here for you.  And your journey must begin with empowerment through understanding and education.  It’s the only way you can stay in control and consider all of your options, including possibly saving your marriage


At Matters of Divorce, we have a very unique approach to personal empowerment and support.  It’s called a Transition Advocate.  A real person who works with you throughout your divorce.  Think of it as a kind of divorce concierge service — there for you when you need it most.

Your Transition Advocate is someone who’s “walked in your shoes”.  That’s right, a person at Matters of Divorce that you can talk with who understands what divorce is like.  And once assigned to you, your Transition Advocate is with you for the duration of your divorce process; someone you can call as many times as you want.

Most importantly, your Transition Advocate is supported by the Matters of Divorce Squad, or MOD Squad The MOD Squad is our network of selected professionals that provide services needed along the divorce process.  Whether it’s a therapist, attorney, mediator, financial professional or insurance agent,  your Transition Advocate pairs you with the right MOD Squad member based on your unique needs.

By providing answers, trusted referrals and support with a human touch, we take the mystery out of divorce.